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Discover the exceptional taste and nutrition of Twin City Foods' frozen vegetables. We specialize in growing and processing five major Northern vegetables, available in both conventional and organic options:

Freshness Sealed In
Twin City Foods grows and processes, both conventionally and organically, the five major Northern vegetables: Green Peas, Sweet Corn, Carrots, Green Beans, and Baby Lima Beans. With years of expertise, we've perfected processes that seal in the freshness and goodness demanded by today's health-conscious consumers. When you choose from our frozen vegetable selections, you're guaranteed the most nourishing, delicious, and user-friendly products on the market.

Custom Solutions
At Twin City Foods, we go the extra mile. Beyond our core offerings, we leverage our experience to source additional vegetable varieties. Explore our full array of blends and customer line extensions tailored to meet your needs.  Let us know your request, and we'll craft a perfect match for you. Twin City Foods is your dedicated partner in delivering top-quality, customized vegetable solutions.

Green Beans

Our Precision Processing: From Field to Frozen

Selecting the Best Fields
Our commitment to excellence starts with the meticulous selection of prime fields in the world's finest vegetable-growing regions.

Seamless Management from Planting to Harvesting
We maintain attention to detail in every step of the growing process from planting to harvesting. Our rigorous process ensures that only the highest-quality raw products are used, meeting the most exacting specifications.

Swift Processing for Optimal Freshness
Thanks to our strategic placement, our growing fields are a stone's throw away from our state-of-the-art processing facilities. This proximity allows raw products to be processed and frozen within a few hours, preserving the natural nutrition and sealing in freshness.






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